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Our field has a threatening weather policy that we feel ensures the safety of each and every child.  When you arrive at the practice field and the sky looks threatening, please look to the West end of the main building and the West side of the press box for a colored light. Should the YELLOW LIGHT be on, this means practice is on HOLD and your child should remain in your car with you until a decision is made.  Please… DO NOT send your child out into the storm to ask about practice.  We TRY and make a decision by 7pm.  Should the RED LIGHT be on when you arrive, this means practice has been CANCELLED.

**Parents are encouraged to stay.  Should a storm arrive after practice has begun, each child will be sent to his/her assigned storm shelter.  At this time, the Board will be assessing the weather situation to determine when/or if it will be safe to return to practice for that night.  If the Board feels it is unsafe and cancels practice, a PARENT must come to that shelter/locker room to pick up their child immediately.  Also, please DO NOT call the field to ask if practice has been cancelled.  Please watch the lights spoken about above and also watch FACEBOOK.


We have over 300 children, and it is impossible to answer the phone.  Please help us keep your children as safe as possible.


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